Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Our Next show coming up 'Unsovereign Aesthetics'

Our next show 'Unsovereign Aesthetics' shows the work of 3 amazing emerging artists
Steev Scott 
Robert Hernandez
The opening is Friday July 8th from 7-11, come on out!
From the Press release 
"The work of 
Steve Scott harkens back to the school of surrealism. His strange drawn landscapes look like propaganda posters designed by H.P. Lovecraft.                   

Joseph Morris makes detailed machines that leave the viewer to marvel over their endless purposes. His use of muscle wire, bones, and an emphasis on cyclical movement make these machines a thing to behold.

 Robert Hernandez's work is like a puzzle of iconic images that is very playful at times, yet deadly serious at others. Using intricate line work that overlays on itself, he creates a beautiful and chaotic environment all at once."


Steve Scott

Robert Hernandez

Here are some shots of Adam Suerte's piano on location!

The Piano was placed in the one spot Suerte was hoping. Here are some shots of it at Pier 1, Brooklyn Bridge Park.
One of Sing For Hope's trusty piano tuners

 Suerte taking a stab at the theme from Star Wars

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Adam Suerte's Pop Up Piano !

Adam Suerte was one of the artists chosen to paint a piano for Sing For Hope's Pop Up Piano project. 88 Pianos will hit the streets in all boroughs, and be available for the public to play from June 18, to July 2nd. At the end of the run, the pianos will be donated to community centers, schools, and other such deserving organizations and groups. Some will be auctioned off for charity. Adam Suerte's piano will be placed at Pier 1 in Brooklyn Bridge Park right by the water, with the Brooklyn Bridge and the manhattan skyline as its backdrop. Come check it out starting this Saturday!

Monday, June 6, 2011

the Artwalk 2011 was awesome

We had a blast meeting new people, selling some stuff, and networking our asses off. One of the highlights were when Esteemed photographer Martha Cooper came by the gallery with renowned stencil artist Aiko and her uncle. We were bummed no one told her about the It's Alive show  back in March (and we were kicking ourselves e didn't think to invite her ourselves). We gave her an It's Alive Print by Mark Bode, Dr.Revolt, Stan153, and Suerte, and Aiko's Uncle got a Brooklyn Tattoo shirt.

Friday, June 3, 2011

This weekend is the Atlantic Ave Artwalk!

The Atlantic Ave Artwalk is pretty awesome. The gallery will be open sat and sun from 12-6 showing work from the Brooklyn Bridge art show as well as other work from a slew of local artists, but also check out all the other cool things coing on around us. Axelle gallery around the corner is an awesome print shop, and Adam Suerte will be at The Brazen Head holding court with some of his work saturday from 2-4, drink specials all day. Come by the Gallery to get a map, or one of the many tables that will be set up on the street all over Atlantic ave