Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Now Carrying NY Subway Black Books in the Gallery

We are now carrying the Profreshionalism NY Subway Sketchbook. It's a blank hardcover sketchbook featuring outlines of New York City Subway cars dedicated to the New York City Subway movement. Designed with insight from many classic writers, the book features all the classic cars from the Subway era encased in a durable cover, large 24" spreads over 108 pages thick 210 GSM pages for a great & durable sketching surface. 
• 12" x 6" Black DuraCloth Cover- Black
• NEW & IMPROVED NO SHO White Double Stock Un-Coated 210GSM stock
• 8 Classic New York Subway Car Outlines- NOW with the R-16 model!
• Gray Scale Ink to disappear when markers are applied
• Features 54 NYC Subway Cars on 108 Page Spreads ( 24" x 6") 
These are sold in very few retail spots. This is the only spot in South Brooklyn to get these. You can always get them online at 
We have a couple of the infamous Freight Train books as well. 
Books are $24 each. 

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Check out Profresionalism's instagram to see what can be done with the book!