Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Our Next show coming up 'Unsovereign Aesthetics'

Our next show 'Unsovereign Aesthetics' shows the work of 3 amazing emerging artists
Steev Scott 
Robert Hernandez
The opening is Friday July 8th from 7-11, come on out!
From the Press release 
"The work of 
Steve Scott harkens back to the school of surrealism. His strange drawn landscapes look like propaganda posters designed by H.P. Lovecraft.                   

Joseph Morris makes detailed machines that leave the viewer to marvel over their endless purposes. His use of muscle wire, bones, and an emphasis on cyclical movement make these machines a thing to behold.

 Robert Hernandez's work is like a puzzle of iconic images that is very playful at times, yet deadly serious at others. Using intricate line work that overlays on itself, he creates a beautiful and chaotic environment all at once."


Steve Scott

Robert Hernandez

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