Friday, May 29, 2015

Brooklyn Bridge Anniversary Group Art Show

Saturday May 30th is the opening of the 6th annual Brooklyn Bridge Anniversary Group Art Show.
The bridge turns 132 this year, and we have over 25 artists paying homage to it. A great line up. The work will be up until the 3rd week of June. Come to the opening , or stoop by normal business hours and check it out!  

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Brooklyn Tattoo® staff artshow is up for the next couple of weeks.

The opening of the BKT2 13th anniversary group art show was a lot of fun, great turnout. Below are a couple shots of the work. To see the full catalog of affordable awesome artwork click HERE.
We are just getting started on what's to be a super busy summer. If you were thinking of getting some great work, before the summer heat, nows the time to start scheduling!

Sara Antoinette Martin's Poster design for Mastadon

Floor manager EJ's Mixed Media piece

Gabe's Brush and Ink Piece (SOLD!)

Adam Suerte's Mixed Media Piece

Leah's Trypich

Myke's Homage to the Williamsburg Saving Bank

Portrait by Robert

Swodrstress by Willie

Mafi-yoda ('a fucking problem you have?') by Chris Torres

Shot of co owners Willie and Suerte, with old pal Chris Toress, who is doing a couple days a week with us. Come check him out!