Sunday, February 2, 2014

3rd Anniversary Art show Featuring UFA® Founders Adam Suerte and Jason Mitchell

The Urban Folk Art® Gallery's 3rd Anniversary was in January. It's been a great 3 years bringing undiscovered, emerging, and established artists into the public's view (check out the studio's galleries on the facebook page to see all of the great shows we've put on). To celebrate (as we have been the last 3 years) we opened an artshow featuring the current works of 2 of the Urban Folk Art® Studio's founding members, Adam Suerte and Jason Mitchell. It was great to see everyone who came out, and the new work that Jason and Suerte have been doing. The work will be up through Feb, and is a great preview to the gallery's debut at the Fountain Art Fair coming up in March. More on that later. For now, here's some shots of the work, and for an entire show catalog, go HERE

Jason's Invite

Suerte's Invite

RISD Grads Galore (and all have shown in the gallery) From left, award winning comic book maker Gregory Benton , Designer illustrator galore Derek Stukuls , Suerte, Jason, and Illustrator, educator, curator, Jordin Isip

John Stanier Drummer extroadinaire (Battles/ Tomahawk) Jason, and Ralphie from Dissasociate

Gabriel Velasquez Artist/designer 

More RISD cohorts, tattooer and artist Forrest Curl, Suerte, Jason, and Artist, Brander Myles Gaithwaite.

Jason and proud parents

Jason Mirror Skroulls, left one is sold. 

"Inception" 36"X48" Suerte

"Old and the new" 36"X48" Adam Suerte

Collabo joints by Jason and Suerte

Jason Skroulls and Plaids

Metallic imprint by Jason

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