Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Back invite

Here's the back of the invite, please feel free to take it and repost, or get in touch with us for the press release, Alot of people have already rsvp'd on the Facebook event and feel free to join up on the facebook gallery page

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The invite is revealed.

The image for the invite is one of the pages of the limited edition comic book Bode, Dr Revolt and Stan 153 created for the show. It will also be made into a limited edition silkscreen print, and tshirt. Keep yer eyes open.

Jean13's studio visit

In preparation for March 11th's Graffiti show "it's Alive", Suerte and Willie went to his cousin's studio to pick out some work. Jean13 is a well known writer from the early 70's. He's still doing it! His studio is nestled in a parking garage he owns and works in. He says people from all over the world seek him out to look, interview or gawk. It was pretty damn cool.