Thursday, May 17, 2012

3rd annual Brooklyn Bridge Birthday celebration

Brooklyn Tattoo® and Urban Folk Art® Gallery present a 2 event celebration commemorating the Bridg'es 129th birthday (which is actually on May 24th). 

Fri May 25th, 7pm-11pm- Urban Folk Art© Gallery will host an group art show opening of over 30 local artists honoring the Brooklyn Bridge. Painters, comic makers, illustrators, graffiti artists, animators, printmakers, tattooers, photographers, and more will coverge in creativity with the bridge as their muse.
Sponsored by the good friends at Bar Great Harry

Sunday May 27th, 1pm-7pm- Brooklyn Tattoo® will host their annual Brooklyn Bridge tattoo special. For $29, you can choose from over 20 predesigned Brooklyn Bridge images.

A few of the designs that will be offered.
More will be posted the week of the event

Call the shop/gallery for more information!
718 643 1610

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

UFA© Gallery Hosts P.S.8 1st Grader art show!

Urban Folk Art© is proud to present a show made up artwork from the first grade at P.S.8 in Brooklyn Heights in conjunction with an awesome organization Studio In a School. The work goes up this Friday the 5th and will be up through the 19th. 


The work looks awesome!
From the press release:

"1st Grade classes from P.S. 8 in Brooklyn Heights in collaboration with a not for profit teaching arts organization, Studio in a School, present landscape paintings and drawings called "How's the Weather?".  First grade teachers, Carolyn Saffady, Sjene Kendrick, Mackenzie Field, Sandy Long and Matthew Levy and teaching artist, Belinda Blum, collaborated during this fourteen week residency,
 to connect students' science (weather and cloud study) and literacy (vocabulary and writing) curriculum to their art making experience.  Through exploration students engaged in the creative process while having a professional visual arts experience.  

Students spent weeks exploring various types of mark making using drawing pencils and paint brushes to advance their visual vocabulary.  They expressed different types of emotions such as funny, scary or calm by using various marks and lines.  They learned how to make brush strokes that described different types of weather such as rain, snow or lightning as well as something that could only be felt or heard like the wind, midst or thunder.  Prior to painting their landscapes students spent time learning how to mix primary colors into secondary colors and how to make gray and other pastel colors mixed with white.  For most of the children, it was their first time painting a landscape with a horizon line.

Urban Folk Art© Curator Adam Suerte and the teachers think it’s an exciting idea to have the students see their work in a real gallery setting. There will be a signing book placed in the gallery so at the end of the shows run, the children can see the positive feedback from people who have come into the gallery to see their work."

"How's the Weather?" will be up from May 4th  through the 19th.

 "It is raining.  I used white and dark blue because it just stopped snowing and now it is raining.  The top of the sky is very cloudy."

 "My weather is stormy.  I made the grays with black and white.  I used more white on the bottom than the top so the bottom is lighter."

It is rainy and drizzly but also a little sunny.  There is a mist coming down.  I took white and yellow and put on thin strokes."

 Belinda Blum reviewing the project with the students

 Students and parents checking out their work