Tuesday, August 12, 2014

TIMEBOMB : 3 Decades of Style Writing Recap

The opening was nuts. Graffiti luminaries high and low, black books en masse. Once the gallery filled up, the streets filled up, both sides. Then the cops came and broke it up (luckily that was 10 minutes before closing anyway). A great show with a great turnout. Go HERE to see the full catalog, and go HERE to see some merch we are selling in relation to the show (tshirts, sticker packs and limited edition signed and numbered silkscreens from Easy and Skuf). 
The show is up through August, so come down and check it out. Gallery hours Tues-sat 1230-830, closed Mondays. 


DG memorial silkscreen prints by curator Queen Andrea

FAUST  (Who also designed the Timebomb Logo)


Tshirts and Sticker packs available here

Sticker packs vary but all have Sure(Faust), Ket, and VFResh hand drawn stickers inside.

Here are some articles written about the show