Monday, November 27, 2017


For Cyber Monday get a jump on your gifting needs or go for self before you start splurging on loved ones with 20% off gift certificates til midnight, good for tattooing or any of the shop merch. We’ll continue the Love with 15% off gift certificates tomorrow through the rest of Nov. Works for stopping in the shop in person as well. Here's the link

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Current State of Urban Folk Art® Gallery

As most of you know, Urban Folk Art® Gallery closed down in Jan after 6 years of fun awesome shows. The tattoo shop we run right next door moved up the block, and it was deemed too difficult to properly run both separate locations. Also, main curator Adam Suerte (check out his new website) wanted to spend more time on his own art, and raising his kids. Currently we still have the space, and are trying to get a tenant in there. We can rent it as a short term pop up, we can legally "assign" the lease (Just hand the lease over) at the below market rate we get it for (compared to other spots on  tony Smith Street) through the term of our lease (2020), or can offer a longer the lease through the landlord at market rates. It's a great location and is waiting for you! All inquiries can be sent to 
The Urban Folk Art® collective is still functioning in theory. We are available to help curate your show, Adorn your business with awesome art, Illustrate, design merch, paint murals, or put you in touch with any of the amazing artists that have shown here in the past (take a look at past shows here). We will be hosting some shows in the future, so stay tuned for all. 

Here are some shots of the gallery, and the real estate listing is HERE