Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"Its Alive" show exceeded our expectations

So the show was amazing. The place was packed with Writers from past decades, the artists that inspired us when we were young green writers. Never in my life I thought I'd be staning in the same room with the likes of CASE2, NOC167, JAMESTOP, ZEPHYR, CHINO, and many more, as well as the guests of honor STAN153, DR.REVOLT, MARK BODE, and JEAN13 (who couldnt make it, unfortunately). Other crews represented TPA, 3YB, RTW,TATS CREW,OTB, and many, many more. Here are a couple pictures I took, Look out for more by the great Joe Russo, and if you are on Facebook, check out these links



                                                               CASE2 and STAN153

                                                                One of the get up walls

 Mark Bode just aquired his father Vaughn's hat from a family friend, above is a photo of Vaughn wearing said hat.
                                                                 BODE and SUERTE
                                                                   Evil DR. REVOLT
                                                               Artists and artist/curators

                                               Here are some of Joe Russo's Pictures below.

                                                                      Joe's website

                                                                       As Jae Era said
There's a big, big chance you wouldn't have seen this picture back in the 70's when I was growing up in The Bronx. The Spades were a power and The Nomads were another. This image is the representation of our turf, of The Bronx.

       Curators Omar Sanchez and Adam Suerte, Both Brooklyn natives,artists,  and ex writers themselves

 Suerte, stan153, Mark Bode, Revolt, Omar Sanchez, Tattooers,Willie Paredes and Myke Maldonado                                                             Rick Cusick from High Times Magazine.

ADAM SUERTE, BAMA, KASE2, NOC167, ERA, SLAVE, CHECKER, STAN 153, OMAR SANCHEZ, DEE3, MARK BODE, DR. REVOLT, NIC 707, NEST, LASK, BES 7...and so on and so forth. Pure magic.

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