Thursday, September 6, 2012

This Friday Perception: Through the Lens

This Friday we have a great photography exhibit by 4 local artists. It's all up and looks great, come check it out!

The moments that are captured through the visual art of photography.
 Capturing emotion, a moment, or a place in time is what photographers do everyday.The art of photography is a way of telling a story without saying a single word. Whether it being portrait, landscape, fine art or the many other types of photography it all comes down to what the photographer captures through his or her lens that transports us into that moment.
 The Urban Folk Art© gallery has brought together 4 local photographers, Alex Bershaw who started his creative journey while traveling the world with the US Navy, Jorge Camacho, Anthony Jehamy who grew up expressing themselves through street art and making the transition to photography, and Joe Russo who works as a professional entertainment photographer as well as an avid street art documentarian, to exhibit their works. The opening reception will be on Friday, September 7th, 2012 from 7:00pm to 10:00pm and will remain on display until the 5th of Oct. Urban Folk Art® gallery is located at 101 Smith Street in Brooklyn, New York.

Founded in '91 by Adam Suerte. Urban Folk Art® Studio/Gallery is an artist collective/Gallery based out of South Brooklyn working in many mediums, avenues, and aspects of creating art. The collective is a mutually supportive effort to expose artists of many disciplines and levels of experience including undiscovered, emerging, and established. 
Photographers Bio's
 Alex Bershaw
Alex Bershaw's skyline panoramas unleash provocative aspects of city landmarks. His portraits and street photos evoke movie stills, frames of a story that came before and continues on. Looking at Alex Bershaw’s work, the viewer is treated to a hint of the long shadow cast by fleeting moments, a glimpse of the unexpected. Tapped into the living and breathing subculture that informs each scene, one wonders not so much what’s in these images as what’s behind them.
 Jorge Camacho
Jorge Camacho's journey to photographer starts with a raw energy that is subtle in appearance yet inviting in nature , his photographs not only draw you in but leave you inspired long after. A Brooklyn native who grew up with the influence of urban art and it's various forms, now takes his place behind the lens, not only to capture moments, but to release creativity.
 Anthony Jehamy (Guest Curator)
Anthony Jehamy grew up satisfying his hunger for creativity through urban art. Where he once only used a spray can and brush to express himself, this Brooklyn native has now added a camera to his creative arsenal. With an eye for detail and a passion for the fine art of photography, Anthony's photo's capture his perception of the world around him.
 Joe Russo
Joe Russo is a Brooklyn-born photographer. Most of his career behind the lens has been focused on music and people. Through his photos, he tries to capture the raw emotion of his subjects while he seizes each moment.