Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

UFA®'s 4th Annual Group Halloween Show!

This friday, Oct 24th, we will be opening our 4th annual Halloween group art show. A great and diverse lineup of artists from multiple backgrounds. 7pm-10pm. Music by our own in-house DJ, BISHOP. Refreshments will be served.

Facebook event page here 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

TIMEBOMB : 3 Decades of Style Writing Recap

The opening was nuts. Graffiti luminaries high and low, black books en masse. Once the gallery filled up, the streets filled up, both sides. Then the cops came and broke it up (luckily that was 10 minutes before closing anyway). A great show with a great turnout. Go HERE to see the full catalog, and go HERE to see some merch we are selling in relation to the show (tshirts, sticker packs and limited edition signed and numbered silkscreens from Easy and Skuf). 
The show is up through August, so come down and check it out. Gallery hours Tues-sat 1230-830, closed Mondays. 


DG memorial silkscreen prints by curator Queen Andrea

FAUST  (Who also designed the Timebomb Logo)


Tshirts and Sticker packs available here

Sticker packs vary but all have Sure(Faust), Ket, and VFResh hand drawn stickers inside.

Here are some articles written about the show

Thursday, July 17, 2014

TIMEBOMB curated by Queen Andrea Opening July 25th

Hot on the heels of the Versus show is TIMEBOMB curated by Queen Andrea. An awesome line up that spans generations. 

From the press release "a rare graffiti exhibition featuring some of New York City's most famed and sought after graffiti artists, spanning the mid 1970's to the present day. On view will be original paintings and limited edition prints by Ces, Duel, Easy, Faust, Ket, Noah, Part, Pure, Queen Andrea, Skuf, Vfresh and Wane. The works on display represent each artist's individual mastery of letterform or legendary graffiti style. The show celebrates the roots of both hardcore vandalism and the fundamentals of more elaborate "piecing" style, fused with complex exporations of illustration, design and color. Each Timebomb artist is exhibiting new pieces from their growing bodies of work, unified by the theme of highly focused and expertly crafted graffiti art. Each artist exists in a league of their own, from Part's legendary and brilliant graffiti career that began in 1974, to Wane's vast and versatile knowledge of letters, to Faust's perfectly chiseled handstyle, to Ces’ imaccuately painted wildstyle art, Duel’s classic New York City bomber style, Easy’s iconic presence as a graffiti titan, Ket’s skillful stylized bombing, Noah’s intricate and highly detailed modern interpretation of stipple techniques, Pure’s unrivaled mastery of the legendary TFP crew style, Queen Andrea’s whimsical letter explorations using popular phrases and hip hop lyrics, Skuf’s tried and true mastery of bombing and Vfresh’s remarkable fusion of graffiti and dynamic conceptual illustration, Timebomb is a undeniable expose of some of graffiti's greatest and most innovative artists. Timebomb's curator, Andrea von Bujdoss AKA Queen Andrea, is a noted graphic designer, graffiti artist, native New Yorker and art curator with extensive knowledge of both graffiti style and urban culture."
For further information, please contact:
Urban Folk Art
©, Adam Suerte (718)643-1610 or adam@adamsuerte.com urbanfolkartstudios.com
Queen Andrea: superfreshdesign.com 

Preview images

EASY (there will be limited edition silkscreen prints available with this image)


Queen Andrea


Saturday, July 5, 2014

Versus recap.. Awesome!

The opening of Versus was a great success. Despite the rain and heat, we had a full house of graffiti luminaries, as well as fans, and admirers. The work looked amazing, and the zines we brought sold out (we have more in stock at the gallery as of yesterday!). The work is up until the 2nd of July, so be sure to come down and check it out, and grab a zine. If you can't make it, the full catalog of the show is HERE, and you can get a zine shipped (while they last) HERE

Thanks to Cey and Erika Romualdo, as well as all of the artists for a great show. 
Thanks to Mass Appeal, 12oz prophet, and Complex for the support. Look back here for other media outlet's coverage. 

 Cey Vs. Morning Breath
Trike Vs. Keo

Part One Vs. Dr. Revolt

Chino Vs. Jester

Cycle Vs. Greg Lamarche

Chino and Cey

Cey and Dr. Revolt

Spilling out into the street


Thursday, June 12, 2014

VERSUS curated by Cey Adams Opening July 2nd

Cey has teamed up some legends spanning generations for this awesome experiment. Each team up works on a canvas together and then each artist has a canvas to themselves. 15 Canvas' all 2' square. Opening july 2nd, and only up until July 22nd, a must see this summer!


Cey also created these limited edition newspaper size fanzine with samples of all the artists in the show's work and a forward by distinguished graffiti historian, and hip hop journalist Sacha Jenkins. They'll be $2 opening night and $5 after. 

Monday, May 12, 2014

5th annual Brooklyn Bridge Anniversary Group Art Show May 23rd

This May 23rd will be the opening of Urban Folk Art® Gallery's 5th annual Brooklyn Bridge Anniversary art show. over 30 awesome artists of varying mediums and backgrounds will converge to honor the 131st anniversary of the opening of the Brooklyn Bridge to the public (may 24th 1883). Invite and press release below. Come check it!

MAY 7THth, 2014

For the 5th year in a row, Urban Folk Art® Gallery will be honoring the anniversary of the opening of the Brooklyn Bridge with it’s annual group art show.
Brooklyn Native, Curator, and resident artist Adam Suerte remembered how the centennial of the Brooklyn Bridge was such a huge deal to Brooklyn and N.Y. when he was a teenager in the 80’s. There was some fanfare for the 125th anniversary , but 5 years ago he wondered “why not celebrate the bridge’s birthday every year”? Since then, every May (the bridge was opened to the public on May 24th 1883) he’s been gathering dozens of artists from a variety of backgrounds and mediums to create their homages to one of the most enduring landmarks of Brooklyn, a landmark that is recognized all over the world. This year over 30 artists will be showing work, from Painters, illustrators, photographers, tattooers, printmakers, designers, animators, and legendary Graffiti artists
   Last year Suerte bought a bunch of surplus paint made for the Brooklyn Bridge over a decade ago at an online auction. Not only did he have every artist in the show use the paint, he redesigned and repackaged it and sold the surplus of the surplus at the gallery. This year only a few artists are using the paint, but the rest of the limited edition surplus will be for sale, as well as the art on the walls, and some limited edition prints  by the artists in the show.

The show is up from May 23rd to June 17th at
 Urban Folk Art® Gallery
101 Smith Street
South Brooklyn, N.Y.
718 643 1610
Contact Adam@adamsuerte.com
Links about Brooklyn Bridge Paint

Article about the Bridge Paint Auction

Article about the Paint repackaged and last years show