Thursday, May 5, 2016

7th Annual Brooklyn Bridge Group Art show Fri May 20th

Coming up on May 20th 2016
From the press release:
Urban Folk Art® Gallery Celebrates the Brooklyn Bridge’s 133rd birthday with it’s 7th annual Group art Show. 

May 5th Brooklyn, N.Y.
Urban Folk Art® Gallery is gearing up for their yearly homage to the bridge with over 30 NY artists confirmed to participate. A wide variety of artists from different mediums from photographers, painters, illustrators, comic book artists, printmakers, tattooers, to legendary graffiti artists, are slated to exhibit. “The city tends to celebrate this anniversary in increments of 25 years ( 75th, 100th, 125th), I have lived near the bridge all my life, it is a constant factor in my art wether it be panting, tattooing, printmaking or whatever. why not celebrate every year?” says curator and resident artist Adam Suerte. The Brooklyn Bridge was opened to the public on May 24th,1883. 

      Three years ago, when the gallery hosted the 130th anniversary, Suerte had just bought 25 gallons of surplus paint that the DOT was auctioning off to vacate a supply warehouse in DUMBO. He had every artist use that paint in their pieces that year. That won’t be a requirement this year, but there are still 5 gallons left that Suerte has repackaged and will be on sale at the gallery. 

Brooklyn Bridge Tattoo Special- In addition to the show, on Sunday the 22nd, Brooklyn Tattoo® (the studio adjacent to the Gallery and co owned by Suerte) will bring back their Brooklyn Bridge Tattoo special. Tattoo shops have long been known for traditions such as $13 tattoo specials on Friday the 13th, or $31 tattoo specials on Halloween. Brooklyn Tattoo has been localizing that tradition by offering $33 Brooklyn bridge tattoos in honor of the 133th birthday of the bridge’s opening to the pubic in 1883. The special will be first come first serve to the first 33 people to show up at 1pm on Sunday the 22nd.

Previous articles on the paint

The show opens May 20th, from 7-10 at the gallery and will be up until June 20th

Urban Folk Art® Gallery
101 Smith Street
Brooklyn , N.Y.
718 643 1610

press inquiries to:
Adam Suerte
718 643 1610

Monday, February 22, 2016

Street Art Stories at the Museum of the City of NY

Once again we are helping support our friends at the Museum of the City of New York to promote a great event a week from this weds.

From the Museum:
Street Art Stories: BSA in conversation with Swoon and DAZE
Wednesday, March 2 at 6:30 pm
 Since graffiti emerged as a powerful form of self-expression on New York City streets in the 1970s, the city has grown into the epicenter of the contemporary street art movement. Ephemeral, often anonymous, and characterized by countless styles and techniques, street art appeals directly to passersby in often unexpected places, and on digital devices globally.

Join us for a conversation about the influence of the city in the storytelling of street artists and graffiti artists and how that influence is reflected in the work as it moves into galleries and museums.  This program is inspired by and delves into the themes of our exhibition Chris “Daze” Ellis: The City is My Muse.

Steven Harrington, Editor-in-Chief, and Jaime Rojo, Editor of Photography, founders of, which has been documenting street art around the world for nearly a decade.
DAZE, a major graffiti and street artist in New York since the late 1970s, whose work is currently on view at the Museum.
Swoon, one of the Brooklyn's most celebrated street artists, exhibits her work at museums around the world, including her 2014 exhibition, Submerged Motherlands, at the Brooklyn Museum.

Use discount code: ART at the following link, or go to the museum's page.  

Monday, February 15, 2016

Valentine's Day Affordable Group Art Show RECAP 2016

We had a great time at our first annual Valentine's Affordable Group Art Show last fri. We were so busy getting it together, we couldn't get it up on the blog beforehand. Over 20 artists, all work under $100, including originals, prints, greeting cards, gifts, and so on. Famous graffiti writers, ward winning comic book artists, amazing tattooers, fantastic painters, photographers, illustrators, designers, and al around great artists. 

Below are some highlights., but be sure to click through the link and see everything. There's a lot of great work, very affordable. We'll ship anywhere. Let us know if you have questions of anything. 

Thanks to the great artists and to everyone for coming.! 

Der Show

Brooklyn themed cards for really any occasion by Furst Impressions

Brooklyn Love® card cola with Furst Impressions and Adam, Suerte available online here.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Urban Art Legends Book release and Talk at MCNY

We are proud to help sponsor the Museum of the City of new York's event "Urban Art Legends: Conversation and Book launch". Featuring Daze, Alan Ket, and Nick Walker
From the Museum:
In just forty years, what was once viewed as mindless vandalism – graffiti – has grown into a highly valued, socially relevant urban art form found in galleries and museums around the world—as well as on walls and trains. Join renowned graffiti artists Alan KETNick Walker, and DAZE, the star of our exhibition, Chris “Daze” Ellis: The City is My Muse, to discuss KET’s new book, Urban Art Legends (LOM Art, 2015), which explores the pioneering urban artists that have driven graffiti’s shift from underground into the mainstream. They will consider the contentious position of graffiti as an art form and explore their choices to challenge classical ideas of art through this uniquely urban medium.
 For a discount on tickets, go here and use the discount code ART . Grab tickets early, space is limited!
Reception and exhibition viewing to follow! 

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

It's been a minute! Don't hate! Summer/ Fall wrap up

We've been really busy over here at Urban Folk Art®/ Brooklyn Tattoo®. Time for an update. As the holiday season is upon us, we've been thinking about how great our summer was, and how cool the winter will be. 

In September, we had an art show with original UFA® Members Mahoney Perkins and Jason Mitchell. They have been faxing each other drawings for the past 17 years, and they showed a couple hundred of those as well as some new work from each of them. 

Mahoney in front of Faxes

some of Jason's work

some of Mahoney's work

We jumped in to the Enamel Pin game with some cool throwback images to t-shirts we printed 20 some odd years ago, tributes to the good old 40 ounce. Get em here.

UFA® Founder Adam Suerte got to go back to school and teach his friend and fellow alumni Forrest Curl's  freshman foundation design class at his alma mater.

Brooklyn tattoo was nominated "best tattoo shop outside of Brooklyn" in the Village Voice's readers poll in their 60th anniversary diamond issue. 

Urban Folk Art® Music released it's first  split 7inch with Miscegenator and Chimpgrinder, both bands have original members of Urban Folk Art® in it. Buy the record here

Miscegenatior's graphics by Jason

We did a flea market at Lucky13 Saloon with some of our junk. 

We'll be having a holiday artshow/sale so you can stock up on some good shit for the holiday gift giving season,  some new merchandise coming out and some other cool shit so stay tuned.. sorry we were way from the blog for a minute, cheers!  you can always follow us join instagram @brooklyntattoo @urbanfolkart

Friday, May 29, 2015

Brooklyn Bridge Anniversary Group Art Show

Saturday May 30th is the opening of the 6th annual Brooklyn Bridge Anniversary Group Art Show.
The bridge turns 132 this year, and we have over 25 artists paying homage to it. A great line up. The work will be up until the 3rd week of June. Come to the opening , or stoop by normal business hours and check it out!  

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Brooklyn Tattoo® staff artshow is up for the next couple of weeks.

The opening of the BKT2 13th anniversary group art show was a lot of fun, great turnout. Below are a couple shots of the work. To see the full catalog of affordable awesome artwork click HERE.
We are just getting started on what's to be a super busy summer. If you were thinking of getting some great work, before the summer heat, nows the time to start scheduling!

Sara Antoinette Martin's Poster design for Mastadon

Floor manager EJ's Mixed Media piece

Gabe's Brush and Ink Piece (SOLD!)

Adam Suerte's Mixed Media Piece

Leah's Trypich

Myke's Homage to the Williamsburg Saving Bank

Portrait by Robert

Swodrstress by Willie

Mafi-yoda ('a fucking problem you have?') by Chris Torres

Shot of co owners Willie and Suerte, with old pal Chris Toress, who is doing a couple days a week with us. Come check him out!