Saturday, January 12, 2013

UFA® Gallery 2nd Anniversary Show, Jan 18th, 2013

It's crazy that 2 years have gone by already. January 18th we'll celebrate these 2 awesome years with an art show featuring Urban Folk Art® Studio founder Adam Suerte and Co Founder Jason S#!T#e@D Mitchell
‎"In 1991, Adam Suerte founded Urban Folk Art® Studios, in Bushwick Brooklyn (currently operating out of South Brooklyn). UFA® is an artist collective whose endeavors have included Guerilla art projects, Self publication of underground comics, curation or art shows group and solo, teaching art to children, murals, and at the time an in house silkscreen operation that printed for artists, musicians, non for profits, small businesses, and their own UFA® Tshirt line. 
In 1992, Jason Mitchell was in the first wave of UFA® interns (already friends and associated with the UFA® from art school.
For Over the past 20 years, Suerte and $#!T#E@D's work, collaborative and solo, including illustrations, sticker graphics, paintings, t-shirt designs, merchandise design, silkscreens and much more, have predominantly represented the face of the UFA® Studios, it's brand, and merchandise. "

The 2nd anniversary show will have current solo and collaborative work by both members, as well as some blasts from the past spanning the over 2 decades they have been working together."
Sponsored by our good friends at Bar Great Harry, the opening will be Jan 18th from 7-10, and look for notice of the closing party in Feb, which will coincide with NuHotel's  opening of their Nu Perspective's project ,where local artists were invited to paint guest rooms, and which Adam Suerte contributed to.

Facebook event page HERE

Limited edition silkscreen posters designed and printed by S#!T#E@D and Suerte available at the show