Thursday, June 16, 2016

Coney Island Mermaids 1996-2016: Opening June 24th

Opening Friday June 24th, we are proud to present 'Coney Island Mermaids, 1996-2016'. The show represents over 20 years of work by New York native photographer Luke Ratray. Continuously choosing to shoot with film, rather than digital media, this will be the first time these images have been on public display.

Luke Ratray has captured a unique perspective on this annual tradition. The photography works toward taking the subjects out of the gritty, noisy environment of Coney Island and pushes the viewer to consider the individuals inside their costumes.

"People who invent identities for themselves, even if only for a day, have always fascinated me.When I photographed the Mermaid Parade for the first time, I knew that I found something special. I was attracted to the homemade spirit and revelry of people involving themselves in what may be the last self-made, and largely self-regulated, public performance in New York City."

These photographs will be on display for the *first time ever* from June 24th to July 22, 2016.

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