Tuesday, October 27, 2015

It's been a minute! Don't hate! Summer/ Fall wrap up

We've been really busy over here at Urban Folk Art®/ Brooklyn Tattoo®. Time for an update. As the holiday season is upon us, we've been thinking about how great our summer was, and how cool the winter will be. 

In September, we had an art show with original UFA® Members Mahoney Perkins and Jason Mitchell. They have been faxing each other drawings for the past 17 years, and they showed a couple hundred of those as well as some new work from each of them. 

Mahoney in front of Faxes

some of Jason's work

some of Mahoney's work

We jumped in to the Enamel Pin game with some cool throwback images to t-shirts we printed 20 some odd years ago, tributes to the good old 40 ounce. Get em here.

UFA® Founder Adam Suerte got to go back to school and teach his friend and fellow alumni Forrest Curl's  freshman foundation design class at his alma mater.

Brooklyn tattoo was nominated "best tattoo shop outside of Brooklyn" in the Village Voice's readers poll in their 60th anniversary diamond issue. 

Urban Folk Art® Music released it's first  split 7inch with Miscegenator and Chimpgrinder, both bands have original members of Urban Folk Art® in it. Buy the record here

Miscegenatior's graphics by Jason

We did a flea market at Lucky13 Saloon with some of our junk. 

We'll be having a holiday artshow/sale so you can stock up on some good shit for the holiday gift giving season,  some new merchandise coming out and some other cool shit so stay tuned.. sorry we were way from the blog for a minute, cheers!  you can always follow us join instagram @brooklyntattoo @urbanfolkart

Friday, May 29, 2015

Brooklyn Bridge Anniversary Group Art Show

Saturday May 30th is the opening of the 6th annual Brooklyn Bridge Anniversary Group Art Show.
The bridge turns 132 this year, and we have over 25 artists paying homage to it. A great line up. The work will be up until the 3rd week of June. Come to the opening , or stoop by normal business hours and check it out!  

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Brooklyn Tattoo® staff artshow is up for the next couple of weeks.

The opening of the BKT2 13th anniversary group art show was a lot of fun, great turnout. Below are a couple shots of the work. To see the full catalog of affordable awesome artwork click HERE.
We are just getting started on what's to be a super busy summer. If you were thinking of getting some great work, before the summer heat, nows the time to start scheduling!

Sara Antoinette Martin's Poster design for Mastadon

Floor manager EJ's Mixed Media piece

Gabe's Brush and Ink Piece (SOLD!)

Adam Suerte's Mixed Media Piece

Leah's Trypich

Myke's Homage to the Williamsburg Saving Bank

Portrait by Robert

Swodrstress by Willie

Mafi-yoda ('a fucking problem you have?') by Chris Torres

Shot of co owners Willie and Suerte, with old pal Chris Toress, who is doing a couple days a week with us. Come check him out!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Shop 13th anniversary

Brooklyn Tattoo® which is adjacent to Urban Folk Art® Gallery and is their sister shop is celebrating their 13th anniversary serving the fine people if Brooklyn and beyond. On friday, April 24, from 7-10pm, come join us and see the artwork of the current staff at BKT2 . There will be giveaways and some refreshments. 

Monday, March 30, 2015

UFA® Artists and friends paint helmets for the Aidan Jack Seeger Foundation. Bid on yours now!

UFA® founders Jason Mitchell and Adam Suerte were invited worth a few other friends (Keo, Angry Eel, Sara Antoinette Martin and others)  and a bunch of other great artists to paint helmets currently being auctioned off to raise funds for the Aidan Jack Seeger Foundation. The Helmets are being shown at Harley Davidson NYC until 4/8, then will move to Indian Larry Motrocycles in Brooklyn from 4/9-4/16. The Auction is currently happening on Ebay, where a link to any helmet will get you to the rest. All proceeds are going to families living with ALD ( a deadly genetic disease that affects 1 in 17,000 people. As it is an X-linked genetic disease, it most severely affects boys and men, you can read more about it here) .. All helmets are on display at Harley Davidson NYC from 3/26-4/8 and then at Indian Larry Motorcycles in Bklyn from 4/9-4/16. Even if you don't bid on a helmet, please donate to a most righteous charity. Thanks for all your support!

2nd grade class at P.S 15 exhibits their "Bearology" project.

The whole 2nd grade of Red Hook's P.S.15 recently did a project researching bears called "Bearology" which they showed in the gallery. They researched bears, wrote informational booklets, created a 'Great Hall of Bears' in their school, and painted watercolors showing bears in their habitat. The watercere exhibited at urban Folk Art Gallery for 2 weeks, and the students got to come see their w displayed in a gallery setting. While researching, the bears they realized they ere an endangered species, so they left a donation jar and raised close to $100 to support the endangered animals! The work was awesome and received very well from people who knew the work was here and people just walking by alike. Great job, guys!

Donation Jar, thanks to all who donated to the bears!

Hall Of Bears photos from the P.S.15 hallway

Elephant Sculptures!

Below are some close ups of a couple of the kid's work

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Brooklyn Tattoo® Urban Folk Art® Featured on Japanese webzine

The shop and gallery were recently featured on a Japanese webzine that introduces people in japan to the cultural awesomeness of Brooklyn. The link is here, and although it's in Japanese, be assured it says all good stuff! Thanks to the people at www.Brooklynize.jp for the interest! 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Now Carrying NY Subway Black Books in the Gallery

We are now carrying the Profreshionalism NY Subway Sketchbook. It's a blank hardcover sketchbook featuring outlines of New York City Subway cars dedicated to the New York City Subway movement. Designed with insight from many classic writers, the book features all the classic cars from the Subway era encased in a durable cover, large 24" spreads over 108 pages thick 210 GSM pages for a great & durable sketching surface. 
• 12" x 6" Black DuraCloth Cover- Black
• NEW & IMPROVED NO SHO White Double Stock Un-Coated 210GSM stock
• 8 Classic New York Subway Car Outlines- NOW with the R-16 model!
• Gray Scale Ink to disappear when markers are applied
• Features 54 NYC Subway Cars on 108 Page Spreads ( 24" x 6") 
These are sold in very few retail spots. This is the only spot in South Brooklyn to get these. You can always get them online at profreshionalism.com 
We have a couple of the infamous Freight Train books as well. 
Books are $24 each. 

Urban Folk Art® Studios Logo by KEO

Check out Profresionalism's instagram to see what can be done with the book!