Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Brooklyn Yes Indeed UFA® Recap

The show was truly amazing. The Graffiti history books came alive on Friday night. The group that assembled was a great testament to the fact that Graffiti will never die. Urban Folk Art® Studios would like to thank guest curators David Chino VIllorente, and Lee Greenfeld, as well as the legendary RIBS, TRIKE, MR.KAVES, KEO, JOUST, and Jamel Shabazz. 
Check out some pics below. Some more pics can be seen at the UFA®Studios Facebook page HERE. And another set by Jay Lajoie can be seen HERE.
                                          Here's a cool preview from Mass Appeal 

                     A recap from Whatyouwrite.com

we'll post more recap's as they come in. Check out some highlights below, and the show is up through the end of August, come check it out
Gallery hours, tues-sat  12pm-9, sun 1-8

Big crowd inside and out

 Nice Ride.

 Gallery score of the night.

This thing got bombed!




Jamel Shabazz







DR.REVOLT and Adam Suerte 

Guest curators, Chino and Lee




TRIKE (photo by Jay Lajoie)

 RIBS ( photo by Jay Lajoie)

QUIK (photo by Jay Lajoie)

Here is what is likely a partial list of who showed up last Friday.

Chino BYI, Keo X-Men, Mr. Kaves LOB, Ribs, Trike GND, Scar-1, EMone, Quik RTW, Dr. Revolt, Haze, Tatu X-Men, Jon One (156), Cey City, Dash FC, Zame FC, Poke IBM, Epic IBM, Rebel NSA, KC-Oner TBC, KR-1 MAFIA, MR. R MOD, Teo MDC, Sast FSU, ZA-One TNS, Python BAD, Dance TM5, Basic TM5, Sp-One, Rip 7DS, KP-1 WR, Smash TFV, Sin BYI, Sere Uno, Sev TDT, Shizel, Venom, DS STV, Paid STV, Risk 9, Panic TDP, Ream AOW, Sor TBK, Rac TBK, Snatch, Quest KDS, Heart KDS, Criz 156, Yes 1 BT, Logek, Vers, AX, CE IF, Set 156, Pabs 156, Sloan TPA, Kano TVS, Cram DTA, Sec FTR, Sen Two, Fargo, Flite, Snatch, Whoosh, Jez KD, Jick IMOK, Sare TMK, Dover, Rine NCB, Poet TFV, Pugh 135... Plus Jarobi (A Tribe Called Quest) and Steve Mona (ex-NYPD Vandal Squad).

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