Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Coming in March, 'Portraits and Pigeons' The work of Chris Arnade

Our next show in March is the amazing work of photographer Chris Arnade 

From the Press release 

"The Urban Folk Art® Gallery will be presenting photographs by Chris Arnade on March 9, 2012. Arnade’s work examines the lives of people living in the neglected areas of New York’s outer boroughs. His photos show street survivors—prostitutes, addicts, the homeless—as well as people who find their niche through shared obsessions such as pigeon keeping and bicycle clubs.

Not simply visual documents, the pictures are accompanied by stories told to Arnade by the subjects themselves. Prostitutes are shown in full as people with incredible histories of loss and suffering. The homeless are not anonymous....

A counterpoint to the portraits, the exhibition also presents Arnade’s series on pigeons, which rise above the scene on the street. These photographs depict an elaborate subculture of men devoted to raising pigeons for sport. The exhibit highlights the structures pigeon-keepers have built on rooftops, enclaves of care and beauty within the harsher urban landscape."

You can check out his Flickr site here

Facebook event page here

 Chris' proceeds from the show will go to HPAC (the Hunts Point Alliance for Children)

You have likely seen his work used in the Flickr pools of,,, and, or written up in on various urban media. 

Heres a couple links to some stuff involving Chris and his work

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