Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Draw or Die: Opening Night!

Jason Mitchell's show "Draw or Die" was a great event and turnout was awesome. We had some luminaries from the comic book world stop by and many old friends of Urban Folk Art© Studio's past 20 years in operation. For the full set of pics of the opening check here. For another great set of pictures of the opening by photographer and friend Jay Lajoie, check here. and lastly, for a full catalog of the art check here. Contact the gallery for info on pricing, or stop by and grab a pricelist. The prints are going fast! Here are a few shots of the show.

 Jason silkscreened the windows, looks great!

 Illutsrator/comic maker/muralist FLY stopped by

 Full house!

 Adam Suerte and Jason S#!thead Mitchell of Urban Folk Art©

 comic book royalty Dean Haspiel came by among others

 The original Urban Folk Art© studio's Lineup, these guys hadn't been in the same room in decades!

 Kevin Lyons, creative director, designer, illustrator, and Jason's college roommate came by

 Flyers in a flash rack

pile of Jason's sketchbook spanning 20 years.

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