Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Usual Suspects 2 a huge turnout and success!

The Usual Suspects was a great turnout. Thanks to everyone who came out! it was packed, saw old legends, made new friends, and overall had a great time. Below are some shots, and here are a couple links of where the show was covered by other media. Thanks to everyone showing up, and for a full set of pics from the show go Here. 

Thanks for everyone who came out, and especially to all the artists who threw down work. REBEL, DANCE, SNATCH, KEO, SLAVE FAB 5, REK, JAMES TOP, POET, ALIVE, BASIC, KC ONE, AND SUERTE.

The work will be up til the end of the month, come check it out!

 Full House

 crowd stretched down the block









We have to get some better flicks, which we'll do this week and add em on. If anyone out there has shots and wants to send a link, or send us the shots we'll put em up and credit you, everyone at the gallery was too busy having a good time to take proper ones, d'oh!

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