Thursday, April 19, 2018

420 group art show this Friday 4/20/18

UFA® you memebers Jason Mitchell and Adam Suerte  are contributing to this fun 420 themed show in conjunction with Greenpoint Gallery Night. Curated by old pal and repeat UFA® Gallery exhibitor Subtexture, there’s a bunch of great work in the show, and at a cool bar you haven’t likely been to. 
Below is Adam Suerte's piece and 3 panels by Jason. Opening is 7-10pm. Come on by. It will also be up during the Other Art Fair at the Brooklyn Expo across the street from the bar. So if you're going to that in a couple weeks, stop by the 420 show and say hi to some of the artists. 


Join us on April 20th, 2018, for the 12th installment of Greenpoint Gallery Night! The following locations will be open late, 6-9pm, in conjunction with the event: 

Areté Venue and Gallery - 67 West St #103
Brouwerij Lane - 78 Greenpoint Ave
Calico Brooklyn - 67 West St #203
Clay Space 1205 - 1205 Manhattan Ave Suite 2-4-1
Dusty Rose - 251 Greenpoint Ave
G-Spot @ Safehouse - 120 Franklin St
Gallery AWA - 61 Greenpoint Ave #306
Greenpoint Hill - 100 Freeman St
Plexus Projects - 198 Greenpoint Ave #1
Real Estate Fine Art - 1144 Manhattan Ave #1

Free & Open to the Public.
More info:

Monday, November 27, 2017


For Cyber Monday get a jump on your gifting needs or go for self before you start splurging on loved ones with 20% off gift certificates til midnight, good for tattooing or any of the shop merch. We’ll continue the Love with 15% off gift certificates tomorrow through the rest of Nov. Works for stopping in the shop in person as well. Here's the link

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Current State of Urban Folk Art® Gallery

As most of you know, Urban Folk Art® Gallery closed down in Jan after 6 years of fun awesome shows. The tattoo shop we run right next door moved up the block, and it was deemed too difficult to properly run both separate locations. Also, main curator Adam Suerte (check out his new website) wanted to spend more time on his own art, and raising his kids. Currently we still have the space, and are trying to get a tenant in there. We can rent it as a short term pop up, we can legally "assign" the lease (Just hand the lease over) at the below market rate we get it for (compared to other spots on  tony Smith Street) through the term of our lease (2020), or can offer a longer the lease through the landlord at market rates. It's a great location and is waiting for you! All inquiries can be sent to 
The Urban Folk Art® collective is still functioning in theory. We are available to help curate your show, Adorn your business with awesome art, Illustrate, design merch, paint murals, or put you in touch with any of the amazing artists that have shown here in the past (take a look at past shows here). We will be hosting some shows in the future, so stay tuned for all. 

Here are some shots of the gallery, and the real estate listing is HERE

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

2 Simultaneous Halloween art shows at Urban Folk Art® Gallery

This Friday XRottenCakeX is teaming up with Urban Folk Art® to bring you #EverydayHorrors. An instalation of large format photos by Jason Shaltz. 

Opening Friday Oct 21st from 7-10, it will be hing in the now vacant Brooklyn Tattoo shop adjacent and connected  to Urban Folk Art® Studios. The show will be up through Halloween and will coincide with the Urban Folk Art® yearly halloween group art show (more on that below). 
music by Bishop from In Alium

From his website: " You recognize their faces...Althought their extracurricular activities are generally frowned upon by society (serial murder, torture, terrorism), they have managed to win the harts of millions of fans globally......But...what goes on during 'non-business hours' for these folks?"  See more of a preview here 

Then a week later, in the adjacent gallery on Oct 28th, from 7-10pm,  Urban Folk Art® will open it's yearly Halloween group art show. 27 awesome artists of varying mediums and backgrounds including painters, photographers, graphic designers, comic book artists, tattooers and more. 

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Coney Island Mermaids 1996-2016: Opening June 24th

Opening Friday June 24th, we are proud to present 'Coney Island Mermaids, 1996-2016'. The show represents over 20 years of work by New York native photographer Luke Ratray. Continuously choosing to shoot with film, rather than digital media, this will be the first time these images have been on public display.

Luke Ratray has captured a unique perspective on this annual tradition. The photography works toward taking the subjects out of the gritty, noisy environment of Coney Island and pushes the viewer to consider the individuals inside their costumes.

"People who invent identities for themselves, even if only for a day, have always fascinated me.When I photographed the Mermaid Parade for the first time, I knew that I found something special. I was attracted to the homemade spirit and revelry of people involving themselves in what may be the last self-made, and largely self-regulated, public performance in New York City."

These photographs will be on display for the *first time ever* from June 24th to July 22, 2016.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Brooklyn Bridge anniversary group Art Show RECAP

We had a great turnout at the opening of the Bridge show. Over 30 artists turned in great work to make it one of the best bridge shows in the 7 years we've been doing it. Below are a few of the works. You can see the full catalog with pricing here. The work is up until the 20th of June. Come by and check it out!

The layout

                                                 Adam Suerte

                      Bluster One 

                                                                            Pat Mazza

There are very affordable prints, photos and original art in the print rack!~

The Last 14 cans of Brooklyn bridge Paint! Check here for details

Note cards, post cards, and stemless Brooklyn Bridge wine Glasses


Thursday, May 5, 2016

7th Annual Brooklyn Bridge Group Art show Fri May 20th

Coming up on May 20th 2016
From the press release:
Urban Folk Art® Gallery Celebrates the Brooklyn Bridge’s 133rd birthday with it’s 7th annual Group art Show. 

May 5th Brooklyn, N.Y.
Urban Folk Art® Gallery is gearing up for their yearly homage to the bridge with over 30 NY artists confirmed to participate. A wide variety of artists from different mediums from photographers, painters, illustrators, comic book artists, printmakers, tattooers, to legendary graffiti artists, are slated to exhibit. “The city tends to celebrate this anniversary in increments of 25 years ( 75th, 100th, 125th), I have lived near the bridge all my life, it is a constant factor in my art wether it be panting, tattooing, printmaking or whatever. why not celebrate every year?” says curator and resident artist Adam Suerte. The Brooklyn Bridge was opened to the public on May 24th,1883. 

      Three years ago, when the gallery hosted the 130th anniversary, Suerte had just bought 25 gallons of surplus paint that the DOT was auctioning off to vacate a supply warehouse in DUMBO. He had every artist use that paint in their pieces that year. That won’t be a requirement this year, but there are still 5 gallons left that Suerte has repackaged and will be on sale at the gallery. 

Brooklyn Bridge Tattoo Special- In addition to the show, on Sunday the 22nd, Brooklyn Tattoo® (the studio adjacent to the Gallery and co owned by Suerte) will bring back their Brooklyn Bridge Tattoo special. Tattoo shops have long been known for traditions such as $13 tattoo specials on Friday the 13th, or $31 tattoo specials on Halloween. Brooklyn Tattoo has been localizing that tradition by offering $33 Brooklyn bridge tattoos in honor of the 133th birthday of the bridge’s opening to the pubic in 1883. The special will be first come first serve to the first 33 people to show up at 1pm on Sunday the 22nd.

Previous articles on the paint

The show opens May 20th, from 7-10 at the gallery and will be up until June 20th

Urban Folk Art® Gallery
101 Smith Street
Brooklyn , N.Y.
718 643 1610

press inquiries to:
Adam Suerte
718 643 1610